No more fill-ups or oil changes, instant acceleration, a growing number of charging stations and expanding vehicle range, there are lots of reasons to make your next vehicle an EV.

Over 1,000 charging stations.

You’re never far from your next charge.

Smoother ride. Quicker acceleration.

Put a charge back into your daily commute.

Thousands in savings.

Driving electric means tax rebates, low maintenance costs and no fill-ups.


Practically Maintenance Free

Electric vehicles require very little maintenance—there's no oil to change or transmission that can blow.

Environmentally sound

EVs are the only car on the road that will get cleaner over time.

Convenient charging

Just plug it in when you get home and forget about it until the morning.

High performance

Electric vehicles out-accelerate comparable gas engines.

High performance

No transmission means no shifting and fast acceleration. EVs out-accelerate comparable gas engines.

Safe and reliable

Electric vehicles undergo the same rigorous testing and safety procedures as any other vehicle—in addition to EV-specific requirements, like special protections for the battery and electrical system. And as the electric grid gets cleaner over time, so does your electric vehicle.


No more gas, minimal maintenance and significant tax incentives all make the cost of owning an electric vehicle a better choice.


Federal tax credit for purchasing an electric vehicle.


Estimated savings over 5 years.


Cost per month in electricity for an Ohioan driving 12,000 miles a year and charging only at home.


Electric vehicles can travel more than twice as far on $1 of fuel.


the moving parts, meaning there's less to break down.


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Learn the basics about electric vehicles, including the types, how they work and whether going electric is the right move for you.