Smart Columbus is always looking over the horizon and finding new innovations to help us better meet our city’s evolving challenges and further establish Columbus as a city of the future.

Our mission is ongoing. Today’s technology won’t solve tomorrow’s challenges, so we’re laying the foundation for what will come next by establishing an ecosystem of forward-thinking partners and creating a smarter, more effective path to finding and utilizing emerging technologies.


If you have a way to make Columbus a smarter city, we’d love to hear from you.


We’re always exploring the most innovate technologies out there for our city, including:

Connected Vehicle Environment
Connected Vehicle Environment

A connected vehicle environment will allow vehicles and traffic signals to “talk” to each other, alerting drivers to potential hazards, allowing emergency vehicles to move through intersections quicker, and enabling traffic managers to adjust operations.

Emerging Tech Mobility
Self-Driving Shuttles
Self-Driving Shuttles

We will educate our community on autonomous vehicle technology and use self-driving shuttles to connect residents to jobs and community resources to help them live their best lives. 


Emerging Tech Sustainability

Other Areas of Focus


Whether its efficient office buildings, access to renewable energy or increased adoption of EVs, Smart Columbus helping to make carbon neutrality a reality.


We’re transforming how we move with innovative transportation solutions and ensuring that Columbus continues to lead in smart mobility.