By introducing a variety of innovative, safe, and convenient ways to get around the city, Smart Columbus is empowering residents and helping to create a connected, sustainable, and more mobile Columbus.

Transportation is evolving, becoming smarter, more autonomous, and more electric. Smart Columbus is helping the Columbus Region embrace the mobility of tomorrow with innovations and infrastructure designed to reduce traffic congestion, improve accessibility, and lower emissions.


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U.S. Department of Transportation Grant

As the first ever U.S. Smart City Challenge winner, Columbus accepted the challenge to demonstrate the impact that the introduction of modern integrated transportation options would have on the community.

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Formed as a collaborative initiative, LinkUS is a proactive plan to meet the mobility demands of our rapidly growing population by bringing rapid transit solutions and transportation options to the Columbus Region.

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Why Drive Electric?

No fill-ups. Less maintenance. Quicker acceleration. There’s a lot to love about EVs.

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Can an electric vehicle become your daily driver? How much does charging cost? Find out if an EV makes sense for you.

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EV Incentives

Buying an EV doesn't just offer sporty performance and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. It also may offer a significant tax credit.

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I Drive Electric

Already driving an EV or PHEV? Help us spread the word.


We’re helping to create a more mobile community through the following projects:

Expansion and Adoption of Multimodal Transit
Expansion and Adoption of Multimodal Transit

We are committed to improving existing public transit and attracting new shared mobility options to the region to improve access to opportunity, foster sustainability and retain our city’s vitality as we grow.  

Mobility Sustainability
Mobility Assistance for People with Cognitive Disabilities
Mobility Assistance for People with Cognitive Disabilities

The Mobility Assistance for People with Cognitive Disabilities pilot will empower people with cognitive disabilities to travel more independently on fixed-route bus service.

Smart Mobility Hubs
Smart Mobility Hubs

Smart Mobility Hubs make it easier to connect with transit and other modes of transportation to get to jobs, education and services in the Linden and Easton areas. SEE LOCATIONS


Other Areas of Focus


Whether its efficient office buildings, access to renewable energy or increased adoption of EVs, Smart Columbus helping to make carbon neutrality a reality.


We’re closing the digital divide and using data-driven solutions to enhance social service capacity.