Smart Mobility Hubs make it easier to connect with transit and other modes of transportation to get to jobs, education and services in the Linden and Easton areas. SEE LOCATIONS

Smart Mobility Hubs

The Goal

Help residents get where they need to go by creating a centralized location with access to different transportation options.

Smart Mobility Hubs


As the availability of alternative modes of transportation increases, access for those who would benefit the most is important. In addition to physical barriers, limited internet access and the need to plan trips via different mobile apps holds some Columbus neighbors back from connecting with the city’s mobility options. 

Smart Mobility Hubs bring our city’s transportation options together at a single location so you can get where you need to go efficiently and affordably – via an interactive digital kiosk known as “IKE” (short for Interactive Kiosk Experience). IKEs provide access to several features like the Pivot trip planning app, free Wi-Fi and listings of restaurants, shops and activities.

Amenities available at the Smart Mobility Hubs include:

  • Bike-share (CoGo stations offering traditional and e-bike options)
  • Bike racks
  • Designated dockless scooter-share and bike-share parking
  • Ride-share pick up/drop off zones
  • Car sharing parking
  • EV charging (Northern Lights only)
  • Park and Ride (Northern Lights and Easton Transit Center only)

Through community input, six locations were identified for Smart Mobility Hubs:

  1. Columbus State Community College
  2. Linden Transit Center
  3. St. Stephen's Community House
  4. Linden Library
  5. Northern Lights Park and Ride 
  6. Easton Transit Center

Construction of the hubs began in Fall 2019. The hubs launched to the public July 28, 2020. To ensure long-term success beyond the Smart Columbus pilot program, partner agencies were involved early in the site selection process. At the end of the pilot period, partners will continue to own and maintain hub sites so they remain community assets.

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