Electric Vehicle Consumer Adoption


October 13th, 2023

Post by Donna Marbury, Smart Columbus Storyteller

This easy-to-read document was developed for private organizations considering participation in the Smart Columbus Acceleration Partner program. It outlines five requested partner engagements, including goals and expectations of the program.

Smart Columbus has a hypothesis that we can influence the way our community moves by influencing the way our community gets to work. We’re working to increase electric vehicle (EV) adoption in the seven-county region by nearly 5X and also to decrease single occupant vehicle (SOV) commutes to major workplaces by 10 percent. The Smart Columbus Acceleration Partners Program is a forum for engaging the local private sector to help Smart Columbus achieve these goals. It also serves as a platform for the private sector to support smart mobility projects where they have expertise or particular relevance.

Smart Columbus distributed this one-pager to more than 30 companies at the Acceleration Partner kickoff event and to prospective participants thereafter to help explain desired engagement with Smart Columbus. The engagements were identified as some of the most impactful ways large private sector organizations could influence Smart Columbus’ goals.

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