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AEP Ohio Impact Report

May 1st, 2024

Post by Donna Marbury, Smart Columbus Storyteller


Project Leads Atlas Public Policy

Electric companies play a vital role in accelerating transportation electrification and ensuring that the transition to electric vehicles (EVs) has a positive environmental impact. AEP Ohio, the local electric company in Columbus, has been involved with Smart Columbus since its inception. Its commitment to grid modernization and deploying EV charging, renewable energy and advanced energy efficient technologies are key factors in the city’s success in achieving the goals of the Smart Columbus Electrification program.

    AEP Ohio is investing in programs that modernize how energy is produced and used through decarbonization, making the electric grid smarter and stronger, and investing in EV charging. These investments support the mission of Smart Columbus and its implementation of the $10 million Paul G. Allen Family Foundation grant awarded to the City of Columbus as the winner of the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Smart City Challenge. Realizing all of the benefits of transportation electrification relies on a resilient and efficient electrical grid. AEP Ohio is also committed to deploying energy efficiency programs, universal wind and solar, smart meters, and demonstration projects in smart lighting and microgrids.

    Electric companies provide essential support to expanding the EV charging network and have a vested interest in EV market growth. More EVs lead to stronger demand for electricity that supports additional investment in the electric grid and new generation technologies. Through March 2019, investor-owned utilities across the country made more than 100 filings for EV-related programs. Of those, 57 have been approved accounting for more than $1 billion in investment and potential deployment of more than 1,900 DC Fast Charging and 41,000 Level 2 EV charging stations. Nearly $1.5 billion in additional EV-related investment is under review by various regulatory agencies.

    AEP Ohio is taking an active role by offering incentives for business customers and local governments to deploy EV charging infrastructure that will benefit electric vehicle drivers region-wide. Like other energy companies, AEP Ohio’s plans are subject to public utility commission review before investments can be made.

    Nationwide, electric utilities are emerging as important investors in transportation electrification at a critical time when public charging infrastructure is not sufficient to meet growing EV demand. Beyond additional revenue for the utilities, EVs can help to stabilize the entire grid when charged at times when system-wide demand is low. This generates more predictability for utilities and could lead to cheaper electrical rates for all customers.

    Read the full AEP Ohio Impact report below, which includes:

    • How AEP Ohio is advancing decarbonization with renewable energy
    • How smart meters are laying the groundwork for a more intelligent grid
    • Expanding the charging network for a growing EV market
    • How Smart Columbus and AEP Ohio work together to advance the EV market


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