E-bikes, or electric bikes, offer scores of benefits both to the rider and to the community. Smart Columbus, on behalf of Columbus City Council, is working to increase adoption of e-bikes with a financial incentive pilot program designed to make e-bikes more accessible.

The Power of the Pedal

From improved physical health and decreased stress levels, to avoiding driving hassles like traffic congestion and parking to less GhG emissions, there’s a lot to love about riding an e-bike. For people without access to a reliable vehicle, or live in neighborhoods without access to public transportation, e-bikes mean easier access to opportunity.

Turning Residents into Riders

With this in mind, Smart Columbus was tasked by Columbus City Council to offer financial incentives on e-bikes to qualified Columbus residents through the Columbus Electric Bike (E-Bike) Incentive Pilot Program. Starting small as a short-term trial program, Smart Columbus hopes to take learnings from this initial rollout to grow and extend the program in the future.