We’ll grow the region’s network of electric vehicle charging stations to support the growth future-forward mobility in our city.


Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

The Goal

Deploy more than 900 electric vehicle charging ports at workplaces, residential buildings and public spaces throughout the Columbus region.

Progress To-Date:

  • Multi-Unit Dwelling Charging Ports Installed: 36 / 24%
  • Public Access Charging Ports Installed: 75 / 33%
  • Workplace Charging Ports Installed: 248 / 94%
  • Fleet Charging Ports Installed: 175 / 66%
  • Total New Charging Ports Installed: 534 / 58%

It’s the electric vehicle (EV) chicken-and-the-egg scenario: Car buyers won’t buy EVs if they don’t know where to charge, and property owners won’t install charging stations if they don’t see EVs on the road. We’re driving change on both fronts.

In support of our goal to increase EV adoption by nearly 500% in the region, we’re working with AEP Ohio to install more than 900 electric vehicle charging ports in the seven-county region. 

As much as 85% of EV charging happens at home, but not everyone in our region has access to power where they park. So we’ve created an incentive program that helps apartment and condo buildings install charging stations, making EVs even more practical for residents, and creating an attractive amenity for building owners. 

AEP Ohio has also created an industry-leading incentive program that will help support the cost of installing EV charging stations at workplaces, government buildings, residential buildings and in public places, including “Level 2” and “DC Fast” charging stations. We’re working to help property owners apply for and claim these incentives, so we can charge up more stations in our region than ever before.

Partners on this project include AEP and the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission. 

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Plug In

There are hundreds of places to charge an EV in central Ohio.

Get Charged

Learn about AEP Ohio’s groundbreaking program that can help your business install EV charging at little or no cost to you.

Go EVerywhere

Electric vehicles are cheaper to own and more fun to drive than conventional vehicles.