We will partner with power providers to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and modernize our electric grid to support innovation and sustainability. 


    Grid Modernization & Decarbonization

    The Goal

    Install 905 MW of renewable energy generation, procure 1.2 million MWh of renewable energy and save 480 GWh through improved efficiency.

    Progress To-Date:

    • Greenhouse Gas Reductions/Savings: 363,104 MTCO2
    • Renewable Energy Capacity Installed: 6.82 MW
    • AEP Smart Meters Installed: 505,978

    In a joint effort with AEP and the City of Columbus Department of Public Utilities, we will deploy utility scale renewables, use energy more efficiently and build a smarter electric grid. These efforts will measurably decrease greenhouse gas emissions and scale a smart, future-ready infrastructure in our region.

    Our utility partners are committed to bringing more renewable energy online through solar, wind and hydro generation deployments, as well as the purchase of renewable energy for regional usePending regulatory approval, these efforts will together deploy up to 900 MW of utility scale wind and solar in the state of Ohio by 2030, introduce 5 MW of hydro power in the Columbus region, and procure a minimum of 1.2 million MWh of renewable energy in the City of Columbus between 2017 and 2022.

    Project examples include the Columbus Division of Power’s initiatives to rehabilitate the city’s 5 MW hydroelectric plant located in the O’Shaughnessy Dam. When this plant is returned to full operation, it is anticipated to generate 10,000 MWh of clean power per year. AEP is also seeking to develop a number of utility-scale wind and solar projects, contingent on regulatory approval.

    The Columbus Division of Power purchases on average 885,000 MWh of power each year to serve approximately 14,000 customers and the street light system throughout the city. The division is committed to raising its green energy portfolio from 5.7% of power sold in 2016 to 28.4% by 2020, and to 50% by 2023.

    In addition to producing energy from more sustainable sources, Smart Columbus partners are working to help residents, municipalities and businesses consume less energy. 

    AEP Ohio offers multiple energy efficiency programs to commercial and residential customers such as Community Energy Savers. Through its Smart Grid initiative, AEP Ohio is harnessing tools and technologies that will make our power grid smarter and more efficient for customers throughout Ohio. Smart Meters will help AEP Ohio customers monitor and control their own energy use, saving resources and money. Smart meters will also help AEP Ohio identify and respond to outages more quickly and better monitor and control the distribution system.

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    Get Smart

    See when you’re scheduled to get an AEP Ohio Smart Meter and how to use it to save money.

    Go Green

    Buy renewable energy at your home or business through the City of Columbus Ecosmart Customer Choice Program.

    Smart Grid

    Learn more about AEP Ohio’s efforts to ready our infrastructure for the future by building a smarter grid.