Electric Vehicle Consumer Adoption


Ride & Drive Roadshow

April 30th, 2024

Project Leads Alex Slaymaker, Smart Mobility Adoption Manager, Smart Columbus

One of the ways that Smart Columbus plans to grow electric vehicle (EV) adoption 5X by 2020 is to provide opportunities for people test drive electric cars of all varieties in a low-pressure environment.

We have developed a Ride & Drive Roadshow strategy that will put 12,000 people behind the wheel of an EV by 2020.

Our Ride & Drive Roadshow is successful because of our focus on hosting events through large employers, as well as the time we spend planning our events and communicating with our partners and staff. Below is a list of articles that provide insight on how we organize our Ride & Drive events.

How Smart Columbus Makes the Ride & Drive Roadshow a Success

  • The Ride & Drive best practices our team has identified can help your organization influence people most likely to purchase an EV. 
  • Host site communication includes everything you need to promote and organize your Ride & Drive event. 
  • Educational panels are floor-to-ceiling boards that participants can walk up to and read information during Ride & Drive. We provide information that can be used onsite for tablets and touch tables that can be an additional information source onsite for Ride & Drive participants. 
  • We share reports with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) about the amount of drives and feedback on test drives on the cars they provide for us. 
  • Our product specialists and staff are trained on Smart Columbus’ vision and goals. They also become experts on the specific cars that they assist participants with. 
  • Our volunteers are trained on Smart Columbus’s vision and goals and the importance of Ride & Drive events. We’ve also included same emails to show how we communication with our volunteers to ensure they are informed and excited about our events. 


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