From 2017 - 2021, Smart Columbus helped to facilitate the build out of over 1,000 EV chargers with funding and incentive programs made possible by AEP Ohio and the Paul G Allen Family Foundation. Smart Columbus continues these efforts to further build out the EV infrastructure to meet the growing market demand and fill gaps in the charging network, particularly in rural and lower-income areas of the region.


In Columbus, the transportation sector is responsible for 35% of emissions. Reducing that number is imperative if we want to meet our sustainability goals.

The good news is that due to the adoption campaign implemented by Smart Columbus, electric vehicle ownership in Columbus is outpacing ownership in other Midwestern cities.

To build on that success, Smart Columbus is working to:

  • Achieve 15% passenger EV registrations and 50% light duty & ride share EV registrations by 2030.
  • Support policies designed to prepare the city for EVs.
  • Encourage the creation of incentive programs and supportive policies from municipalities and utilities.
  • Educate developers on ordinances and residents about available incentives.


Currently there are over 1,000 chargers already in place throughout the 15 county Central Ohio region. While that’s a solid foundation, it’s an infrastructure that will need to grow to meet increasing demand.

Smart Columbus is working to ensure the region is equipped to meet future and current charging needs.


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EV Ready Parking Ordinance

Smart Columbus helped facilitate the development and passing of an ordinance updating the city’s zoning code to require new parking lot construction to include spaces for EV charging. The ordinance will make EV ownership much more viable for residents of new apartments and condominiums.

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EV Charging Needs Assessment and Mapping

In 2022, Smart Columbus led an analytical study that identified locations within the 15-county Columbus Region that are most competitive for anticipated federal funding. In addition, Smart Columbus will project how many additional chargers are needed and what potential charging locations would best meet future market growth.

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DriveOhio NEVI Program

With the funding created by the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure program, DriveOhio is helping to ease range anxiety and spur economic investment by helping to create a state-wide network of reliable and accessible EV chargers. Over the next five years, Ohio will be allocating $140 million to create an EV charging network across the state.

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The Acceleration Partner Program

Whether it's installing workplace charging stations, empowering leaders to drive change, or educating and encouraging employees to rely less on personal gas-powered vehicles, Smart Columbus and its employer partners are reducing congestion and emissions while also addressing equity.

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AEP Ohio Charging Program

Electric companies will play a vital role in accelerating EV adoption. AEP Ohio has worked with Smart Columbus from its inception and offered residents a number of rebates and incentives on EV charging equipment and installation.

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Consumer EV Adoption

Smart Columbus also continues to promote EV adoption by educating the community on the ins and outs of electric vehicles and the benefits of electric vehicle ownership. In addition Smart Columbus is also connecting potential buyers to local deals and offers that may be available to them.


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