We’re partnering with manufacturers and dealers on the front lines of the automotive industry to drive toward our goal of increasing electric vehicle adoption by nearly 500%.

Electrified Dealer Program

The Goal

Partner with 25 central Ohio dealers to increase electric vehicle model availability and sales in the Columbus region.

Progress To-Date:

  • Electric Vehicle Models Available in Market: 23
  • Smart Columbus Electrified Dealers: 27 / 108% of goal

With a goal to increase electric vehicle (EV) sales by nearly 500% by 2020, car dealers are critical to Smart Columbus’ goal to electrify the transportation sector. 

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) are investing billions of dollars in EV technology, showing that the transition to the electric drivetrain is inevitable. To be ahead of the curve and future-proof their business, dealers have to be educated on EVs and know how to sell and maintain them. We’re partnering with area car dealerships to lead EV sales in pursuit of our goals and to prepare local businesses for the future of the automotive industry.

Smart Columbus Electrified Dealers commit to: 

Sales readiness:

  • Dealers are required to have electric vehicle inventory on lot
  • Dealers must have a live EV charger on site and/or a demo charger in their showroom 
  • Dealers commit to participating in a training with Smart Columbus staff

Electric vehicle promotion

  • Dealers are asked to actively market electric vehicles
  • Dealers are encouraged to offer educational materials on EVs in their showrooms 
  • Dealers provide EV buyers with a new owner’s gift from Smart Columbus, which helps to welcome car buyers to the community of central Ohio EV owners. 


  • Dealers share anonymized sales data to help us understand sales trends and barriers
  • Dealers are asked to engage with our team so we can make the program more beneficial to local dealers and car buyers alike
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What's on the Lot?

Learn about the EV models available in the Columbus market today. 

Drive the Change

Join us as an Electrified Dealer to help drive the shift to electric vehicles in the Columbus region.

Go EVerywhere

Electric vehicles are cheaper to own and more fun to drive than conventional vehicles.