We’ve built a space where everyone can learn how future mobility will make our city more equitable, sustainable and vibrant—and how they can help us get there.

Smart Columbus Experience Center

The Goal

Welcome more than 10,000 people to the Smart Columbus Experience Center to learn about the future of our city.

Progress To-Date:

  • Experience Center Visitors: 9,639 // 96% of goal 
  • Test Drives Conducted: 262 // 66% of goal

In June of 2018, we opened the Smart Columbus Experience Center. The Experience Center is an interactive showroom along Columbus’ Scioto Mile that shows visitors how new mobility options, such as connected, autonomous, shared and electric vehicles, will make Columbus a more connected community. 

Hands-on educational experiences and technology demonstrations show visitors how technology and innovation in transportation will make our community safer, more equitable, more vibrant and more sustainable. Guests can dive through an interactive map of our project portfolio, hear how new technologies will impact real people in our city, hop aboard a self-driving shuttleand take an electric vehicle test drive. 

We also use the center to host cities and technology leaders from around the world so we can share lessons learned from the implementation of our smart city portfolio. Through this engagement, we hope to help teach cities big and small about our successes and challenges, to help accelerate smart city advancements around the globe. 

Development of the Smart Columbus Experience Center was made possible through the collaboration of the public and private sectors. Construction and equipment were funded by the State of Ohio Capital Bill, members of the Columbus Partnership and the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation grant. More than 20 technology providers including AEP Ohio, AT&T, Bosch, Electrify America, NXP and Pillar Technologies have donated technology, design services, equipment and furniture to outfit the educational and office spaces.

Autonomous Connected Electric Shared Acceleration Fund Paul G. Allen Family Foundation Mobility Sustainability Electric Vehicles

See the Future

Visit the Smart Columbus Experience Center to touch, see and drive the future of mobility

Be a Part of the Start

Ride Smart Circuit – Ohio's first self-driving shuttle – to be a part of the start of a new era of mobility innovation.

Experience the Difference

Test drive an educational electric vehicle at the Smart Columbus Experience Center to experience the performance of an EV for yourself.